Our mission at Sign Advocates is to ensure the profitable return on your investment and your trust in us as we bring your brand to life. We bring a unique understanding of the projects life cycle and integrate strategic goals, emphasizing the importance of identity and cost effectiveness.

“Signage is an effective medium and necessary approach in visually communicating your company's, brand and identity. There is endless potential to what you can communicate to a and vastly growing clientele.”

Why Signs Matter


An organized and significant communication designed to promote and provide information about your product or service.


Your signage is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Signage can be the difference between standing out in a sea of companies or becoming obsolete. It is an essential component of marketing strategy as it reinforces your brand.


Signage that can most effectively and affordably help a business tie its other forms of advertising together, and communicate to its target audience